White Colored Flowers

Sometimes when I walk by gardens or other places where flowers are growing, I don’t notice the white flowers growing there. They seem to almost hide behind the brightly colored blooms.

I found six pictures of lovely white flowers.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Walter Sigmund.

320px-Holodiscus_discolor_3007 Walter Sigmund WCTulips by Ariel Palmon.

360px-Keukenhof_ap_0040 Ariel Palmon WCWhiring Butterflies  by, J.J. Harrison.

320px-Gaura_lindheimeri_Whirling_Butterflies J J Harrison WCEuropean Waterlily  by, DerHexer.

320px-Nymphaea_alba_in_Duisburg DerHexer WCFairy Lily  by, KENPEI.

320px-Zephyranthes_candida2 Fairy Lily KENPEI WCRose, Mrs. Herbert Stevens  by, Laitche.

320px-Mrs._Herbert_Stevens_May_2008 Laitche WC



Six Pictures Taken In Belgium

If you go to Belgium, spend time just walking and looking around. There are beautiful places that are captivating.
I have been sick and am on the way to recovery. My posts will be simple and not much writing.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Hydroelectric plant  by, Marc Lambert.

Barrages_de_l'Eau_d'Heure;_Barrage_de_la_Plate_Taille Marc Lambert WCThe rest of the pictures were taken by Jean – Pol GRANDMONT.

Ambly, in winter.

Ambly_Vil1JPG Jean Pol GRANMONT WCAmbly in spring or summer.

640px-Ambly_Vil2JPG Jean Pol GRANDMONT WC0_Anseremme_-_Rochers_de_Freÿr_(1) Jean Pol GRANDMONT WCSolre – sur – Sambre in spring.

00_Solre-sur-Sambre_JPG04 Jean Pol GRANDMONT WCChateau de Walzin.

0_Dréhance_-_Château_de_Walzin_(2) Jean Pol GRANDMONT WC

Orange Colored Roses

Orange Roses are outstanding. They are beautiful and vibrant. If you get a chance, plant some and admire them when they bloom.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Bildtankstella.de.

Bildtankstella WCBy, Martin1009.

Rose-13-10 Martin 1009 WCBy, Rinina25 and Twice25.

Genova-Euroflora-Gruppo_di_rose-DSCF6404 Rinin a 25 and Twice25 WCBy, Otourly.

Rose_lyon Otourly WCBy, User Stan Shebs.

Rosa_Cricket_1 User Stan SHebs WCThis last picture is by, 4028mdk09.

360px-Rose_im_Herbst 4028mdk09 WC



Sandy Places

I found six pictures of deserts that are lovely. The desert looks so different at different times of day and seasons.

The first two pictures aren’t from Wikimedia Commons. The rest of them are from Wikimedia Commons.

Saguaro Cactus in the State of Arizona  by, the Bureau of Land Management.

Agfr_desert BLMBy, Steve Hillebrand, US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Buenos_Aires_national_desert_park Hillebrand Steve USFWSIn Iran  by, Bertil Bidet.

360px-Desert_Landscape_Iran Bertil Bidet WC

By, User Sshanky.

South_mountain_cactus Sshanky User WC

The last two pictures were taken by katsrkool.

Painted Desert in the state of Arizona.

Landscape_Painted_Desert katsrkool WCDesert_Landscape katsrkool WC



Bee Eaters, Brightly Colored Birds

Bee Eaters are a large family of different categories of birds. The are all colorful They have long beaks. They live mostly in Africa, Asia and Southern Europe.
Bee Eaters live together in groups. Males and females form pairs and stay with each other. When there are babies, all of the group takes care of them.
People bring flowers to their sweeties. Male Bee Eaters bring bees.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Green Bee Eaters enjoying a dust bath.

J M Garg WCBlue Tailed Bee Eater  by, Ravi Vandyanathan.

451px-Blue_tailed_bee_eater1 Ravi Vaidyanathan WCNo name  by, Rola Shekbar.

Nyctyornis_athertoni C S Raja Shekhar WCEuropean Bee Eater pair  by, Rashuli.

318px-European_bee_eater Rashuli WCRed Bearded Bee Eater  by, S King.

360px-Red-bearded_bee-eater S King WCThis last picture is of a Blue – throated pair  by, Lip Kee Yap from Singapore, Republic of Singapore.

Blue-throated_Bee-eater_Courtship_offering Lip Kee Yap from Singapore, Republic of Singapore WC


Some Pictures From US National Parks And Oppy

I’ll start with Opportunity, the Mars Exploration Rover on Mars. She’s been there for over 9 years and she took a picture of an unusual rock.
On and around the rock were blueberry type objects. She has taken a picture of these round objects before.


BQM6w4mCcAA3n1Q Oppy rock with blueberriesFrom Catoctin National Park in the state of Maryland.

A Widow Dragonfly.

proxy Catoctin NPS widow dragonflyCatoctin Mountains.

proxyCatoctin mtns NpsFrom Glacier National Park in the state of Alaska.

BNYdwOBCcAA0owe Sunrise Glacier Park npsThe last two pictures are from Mendenhall Glacier National Park in the state of Alaska.

BQOOZIKCYAA_9PK Mendenhall Glacier bear under fenceBQOOd1JCIAAtU1G Mendenhall Glacier bear belly fence

Red And White Colored Flowers

I found pictures of different kinds of red and white flowers. They are striking and do stand out wherever they are located.
You can used these colored flowers with all colors. You can also use them with red flowers or white flowers.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Antonio solera.

320px-Lirio_de_Costa_Rica Antonio solera WCBy, David Shafer.

496px-Valentine_flowers Dave Shafer WCCarnation  by, olepascuel.

olepascual WC carnationDahlia  by, Biwarup Gangyly.

320px-Dahlia_3942 Biswarup Gangyly WCBy, Prann.

360px-Clerodendrum_thomsoniae_02 Prann WCThis last picture is of a Columbine  by, Stegeman.

Columbine_(Aquilegia_caerulea)_-_1 Stegeman WC


Boxwood Bushes

I will be posting Monday through Friday from now on. I won’t post on Saturdays or Sundays.

Boxwood are very slow-growing bushes. They live a long time. There are different kinds of Boxwood and I am showing the ones that are commonly uses as hedges. They are used around foundations of buildings.
I think Boxwoods smell, but I could be wrong.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons, except for the last one. I took that one.

The first two pictures were taken by Decouens.

Boxwood leaves, close up.

BuisFeuille Deider Decouens WCBoxwood flowers.

Buisfleurs Deider Descouens WCBoxwood branches  by, KVOP.

306px-Softwood_stemcuttings KVDP WCBy, ramoline alm.

IMG_2740.JPG_(8056658254) ramonline alm WCBy, Adrian Dzienniak.

Adrian Dzienniak WCBy, Frank Vincenze.

Staelen_-_Haus_Caen_10_ies Frank Vincenze WCBy, JLPC.

Buis_taillé_FR_2013 JLPC WCLast picture.

mls boxwood

Purple And White Colored Flowers

A cold front came through last night. There was no rain. The temperature is about 20 F cooler. It will get warmer Saturday.

There are flowers that have two colors. They are lovely and go well in any garden. Purple and white have a nice contrast that sets them apart.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Dalia  by, Ajor9333.

Fleur_perou_violet Ajor933 WCA type of Geranium  by, KorlAn.

Geranium_'Katherine_Adele'_02 KorlAN WCBy, JMLebs.360px-Fritillaria_meleagris_audubon JiM LebsTer WCBY, Michael Apel.

Centaurea_cyanus_MichaD_white Michael Apel WCThe last two pictures are of Irises. The first one isn’t seen around here as much as the second one.

By, Rillke.

226px-Iris_germanica_Crenoline Rillke WCBy, KorlAn.

360px-Iris_'Rumyaniy_Rassvet'_02 KorlAn WC