On the left side of the picture, you see a blueberry bush that has a root ball and burlap wrapped around it. The  twine to keep the burlap on. This is called b and b.  Trees are also done this way.

On the right side of the picture is a blueberry bush in a container.  The root ball is inside of the pot.

After you pick out a bush and get it home, you can dig a hole to plant the bush in. Someone who knows about blueberry bushes knows what kind of soil they like.

You will have help in how deep and wide to dig the hole. Once that is done, you place the bush into the hole.To get the root ball out of the container, put your hands on either side of the container. Next press the container and try to move it in a circle. Move it the other way. This is to loosen the container from the root ball.

Tip the container a bit to the side and with help, see if you can’t slide the root ball out. Once you have the root ball out of the container, place it in the hole. Stand back and see if the branches look straight. If not, move the root ball a little bit until the branches are straight up and down.

Put the dirt around the root ball and pat it down.

Don’t put any dirt above the line on the trunk of the bush above where it was before. The bush wouldn’t like that.

Water the bush. Water the bush every other day if it is dry for about ten days. Then make sure it doesn’t dry out before the cold really sets in.

For the b and b, all you do is place it in the hole and CUT THE TWINE that’s around the burlap. You do the same things you did with the blueberry bush in the container.

Next spring, you can watch as the leaves grow on the bush.

You need to ask someone who knows when the berries will first start growing on the bush. It may be a year or two before you can pick fruit. We have plenty of time to wait and when the first berries appear, it will be a delightful sight.