The picture is of a new blackberry bush, even though it’s hard to tell. I knew it was a blackberry bush as soon as I finished drawing it. It just couldn’t have been anything else.

To plant this bush, take the root ball out of whatever wrapper it is in. Sometimes if is in a plastic bag. It is small, so easy to handle.

When the hole is dug, put the root ball into it and cover it up. Don’t put the level of dirt above the line on the trunk that is there from the original level of dirt. Water about every other day for a couple of weeks.

When the bush is ready. it will produce blackberries.

One thing I almost forgot to tell you. Plant this bush far away from other plants. Blackberry bushes get long and take up a lot of room. The branches go quite a distance from the trunk. I know it’s hard to tell from the little trunk you see now.

Blackberries are a delight to eat.