I am going into detail on planting berry bushes.

A good time to plant bushes is in autumn. If the berry bushes are only in garden center in spring, you can plant them then. Strawberry plants can be planted in spring. If in autumn, you find berry bushes and Strawberry plants that look pretty bad, get them They are okay. They are getting ready to go to sleep for the winter.
Berry bushes are called deciduous, which means that they lose their leaves in cold weather. They grow new leaves in the spring. They may look dead when you see them in the winter, but they are alive and well.
Strawberry plants will die back in winter, but they usually come back in the spring. Sometimes they don’t. If a strawberry plant doesn’t return, you can go get a new one.

I made drawings to show how to plant these bushes.

A picture of ground and sky.

Next is a picture of a hole in the ground.

This picture show holes for planting strawberries. The plants are small and can be plated not too far apart. Ask someone who knows for an idea how far apart to plant them.

This picture shows a plant in a container. It has been put on its side so that it can be taken out of the pot.

Next, take the plant out of the pot. You may need help with this. You need to gently squeeze the pot and pull out the plant. If the plant isn’t moving, gently roll the pot around on the ground and it will loosen the roots and dirt in the pot

This drawing shows how to plant the strawberry plants. After you get the plant into the hole. Put the dirt in and pat it down. Water the dirt around the plant. Don’t water the leaves, they don’t like you doing that.

Next, is a drawing of berries.

Berry plants can come in plastic bags around their roots. You tale them out of the bag the same way you take a bush out of a pot. Like you do for strawberry plants in pots.

Berry plants also come in what is called B & B. This means ball and burlap. The growers dig the root ball with dirt around it and wrap it in burlap. They keep the root ball in the burlap by tying twine around it.

Very important: Always cut the twine after you plant the bush. If you don’t the twine won’t let the roots grow and the bush will die.

You put the B & B in the hole. Cut the twine. Cover it with dirt, no higher than top of the burlap. Pat the dirt down. Water the bush by the ground.

Here re three pictures of berries. These are the last pictures.

Blueberries on the bush  by, Littleisland lighthouse, Wikipedia Commons.

Strawberry plant with strawberries  by, Nedco Ivanov, Wikipedia Commons

Blackberries on the bush  by, Ragesoss, Wikipedia Commons