American Holly Tree

American Holly Tree green berries

American Holly Tree red berries

American Holly Trees can grow as tall as fifty feet. Usually you seem them at about twenty feet tall. These trees grow in a lot of places. You see them surrounded by cement in a town or out in a field or lawn.

Only girl holly trees have berries. I have been told that there has to be a boy holly tree within two miles for there to be berries.

When you see a holly tree with berries, it’s a girl. When you see a holly tree without berries, it may be a boy, or else a girl, but there aren’t any boy holly tress within two miles. Those girls are sneaky.

Holly trees are evergreens. Evergreens keep their leaves and stay green during the winter months.

Important: Do not eat any berries from any tree or bush unless you know for sure you can eat it. When in doubt, don’t. You can get very sick from eating some berries. I would also say not to put your hands in your mouth if you happen to squish a few berries between your fingers. Be safe, first of all.

As always, ask someone who knows if you don’t know.