I went looking for a partridge in a pear tree. I found a pear tree, don’t know what kind, and partridges, but no partridge in a tree. I think partridges walk on the ground and if they fly, it doesn’t seem to be high up in the air.

In my opinion, they made it up for the holiday song.

This is the pear tree (unknown).

Nest are three pictures of partridges. One is gray. one is red legged and one is read headed.

The caption says grey partridge. He must live in the UK. I wonder if he sings with an accent.

He doesn’t need socks with those legs.

He doesn’t need a hat or socks.

Partridges are related to pheasants and peafowls. An example of a peafowl is a peacock. I’m sure I’ll find a connection to something in nature and show pictrures of the other birds.