I must state a caution here. Please, please, please do not ever eat plants that you don’t know. They can be poisonous.  If you touch or handle a plant, do not put your fingers or hands in your mouth. Please wash your hands before putting them near your face.

I will mention this once in a while in posts as a reminder.

Now, let’s look at the pictures.

Field Chickweed

Red Chickweed

White Bindweed. These can also be called Morning Glory. These are known to be poisonous.

Morning Glory Flower by, Vera Kratocvil. These can also be called Bindweed. These are known to be poisonous.

Cornflowers by, AnRo0002 July 3, 2011

Blue Cornflower by, David Wagner

Mexican Milkweed by, Barbara Page

Orange Milkweed

Purple Milkweed, by, Derek Ramsey June 13, 2009

Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed Hybrid by, Derek Ramsey  August 6, 2008