If you want to plant crops in the spring, the first thing you need do is plow the dirt.

This is a field before it is plowed. If you dropped seeds here, you wouldn’t get may to grow. The wind would fly them off and they wouldn’t be able to break through the hard dirt surface in order to sprout..

In the spring, it is time to plow the ground. This breaks up the hard surface. I have 2 pictures of a tractor and chisel plow. A chisel plow digs down and turns over the earth.  It prevents weeds from growing and allows air to go through the soil. When it rains, the water can go into the soil and make it moist. The little seeds will be very happy.

This is a John Deere 8110 Tractor with a chisel Plow. The picture was taken by Jesster 79 in August of 2006. He said that his tractor was built in 2001.

This is a John Deere 94020 tractor and chisel plow. It’s a closer look at a tractor and plow.

This is the first step of spring planting.