Red Clover is used for cover crops in fields. It helps the soil. It keeps those pesky weeds from going all over the place. It is also pretty.  you can use it for gardens where you will plant vegetables as well.

Red Clover is planted in the autumn, about a month before frost. It is plowed under the ground about a month before planting.

Usually, the fields that have Red Clover are in areas that aren’t too cold in the winter, like the southern United States.

Red Clover by, Tony Willis, in New Zealand

Here are some pictures of clover that is nice to look at. There are about 300 kinds of clover, but I found pictures of a small number of them.

Clover, Spring  by, Kropsoq

Four Leaf Clover by, Cygnus921

Five Leaf Clover  I couldn’t find out who took this picture.

White Clover by, Sannse.  You see this clover on lawns.

Purple Prairie Clover by, Blaine Hansel

Trifolium Campestre, by Bernd Haynold

Haresfoot Clover by, Michael Becker

Zigzag Clover by, Christian Fischer