Sometimes when I am walking, I will hear this sharp tapping sound on wood. I know it is a woodpecker, but it is hard to see where it is in a tree.

After a bit, I can finally see the bird.  The one woodpecker I can identify is the Downey Woodpecker.

I started off today thinking about Birch trees. I like the bark and they are suck graceful trees. I think that the bark of an Aspen tree looks just a bit like the bark of a Birch tree. I’ll let you decide.

Birch Tree Forest in Finland  by, Seppvei

Aspen Tree Grove  by, Tyler Finvold

Birch Tree  by, USDA

Aspens in Autumn  by, Tyler Finvold

Downy Woodpecker, Female  by, Ken Thomas

Downy Woodpecker, Male  by, Ken Thomas

So what are these two woodpeckers doing with all that pecking at the tree?

Woodpecker’s Nest  by Robert & Mihaela Vicol