On the fourteenth of February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. This is a holiday that some forget about until the last minute. At that point in time, it could cost a small fortune to buy something for the loved one as a gift. There are a lot of jokes about getting a gift for this day. Mostly it is seen as a day that men give their loved or liked ones either flowers or candy. Usually the flowers are roses and most often the color is red.

I would go for the candy and hope for a big box.  I would sit down with a box of chocolates and a tall glass of cool water.

The state flower of Ohio is the Carnation and I have found some snazzy pictures of these wonderful flowers. These flowers are also given on Valentine’s Day. You usually see them in arrangements with green ferns.

I don’t have fern pictures today, but I will in the future.

Spring Carnations  by, Hans

The next pictures are close ups of Carnations and I don’t know who took the pictures.