In honor of Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey.

Let’s start with the maps. The map of the states is from EPA.

New Jersey is way over on the right, just before you step into the Atlantic Ocean.

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey and it is located in Essex County.

Next, are pictures of Newark.

Downtown Newark

Passaic River

Newark Bay, Port of Newark

FedEx Aircraft at Newark Airport  by, AndeasPraefche

Newark at Night  by, Umdet

The next pictures are of Violets. The first two pictures are by, Rosendahl.

Blue Violet

Common White- Blue Violet

Dogtoothed Violet


Wood Violets

I thought it would be nice to see three pictures of Goldfinches, the New Jersey State bird. The next three pictures are by, Craig Houghton

Female Goldfinch

Winter Plumage, Male Goldfinch

Summer Plumage, Male Goldfinch

This last picture is from

Whitney Houston