I wanted to know what the national flower of Poland and found out that it was the Corn Poppy. While I was at it, I saw that Buckwheat is also used. Usually you see buckwheat used in the US for pancakes.

I found pictures of the Baltic Sea, forests and the Carpathian Mountains. All the spellings will be in English.  This is a very small example of beauty in Poland.

Here are two maps of Eastern Europe and one of Poland.

The next pictures are of Corn Poppies.

By, Evelyn Simak

By, Evelyn Simak

By, H. Zell

By, Abderitestatos

Next, Buckwheat.

Buckwheat in flower

Common Buckwheat Flower  by, Kurt Stuber

Buckwheat Seeds,  by, Mariiluna

The next picture is of farms. I found it in an article by Susan Schoenian at the University of Maryland Extension.

Here are four pictures of forests. The first two are Gmina Jedwabno Forests. The next two are Gmina Lipno Forests. All are taken by Albert Jankowski.

Next, two pictures of the Baltic Sea.

By, Argonowski

The last two pictures are of the Carpathian Mountains.

Rzekabiaklka  by, Lukasz Goryl

High Tatras Dolina  by, Marek Silavski