Bulgaria has had a very difficult time with the freezing temperatures this winter. The Danube is in the north and as we saw with Romania, it has frozen. Here is one picture of the freeze.


There are a lot of mountains in Bulgaria. Here are two regular maps. Here is a topographical map by, Equesteriebrarum.

This last map is a satellite map.

The maps tell you that Bulgaria has a lot of beauty. The next pictures show you that.

Forest near Dundurkove Dam  by, Gvm

Stone Forest, Varna. These are petrified trees.

Kostenets Waterfall

Balkans Mountains

Varna, on the Black Sea Coast

Bulgaria makes the most rose oil anywhere.

Rose Essential Oil, Damascena  by, itineranttrader

Rosa Damascena, Damask Rose  by Kurt Shuler

Rosa Damascena  by, H. Zell