Abraham Lincoln, former president of the United States, was from Illinois and owned a house in Springfield. The current president, Barack Obama, also has a house in Illinois, but it’s not this one.

The Illinois state bird is the Northern Cardinal. I found a picture of a Cardinal pair and it’s a good one. I have done a post on Cardinals, but didn’t want to have the same picture of the bird on this post. I’ll use this picture tomorrow because the Northern Cardinal is also the state bird for Virginia. Ohio likes this bird also.At Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Cardinal Pair.

Here is a map of Illinois. You will see a red star and the name Springfield. That’s where we are going next.

There will be a picture, next up of Lincoln Home at Jackson and Eighth. If you look north of the Lincoln home, you can see 8th street. No Jackson, though.

The caption says Jackson and 6th. By, Liho. I don’t know what those metal things are in the foreground. Must have to do with tourists, somehow. See the white picket fence behind the house, on the right? That’s where the garden is located. The fence in front of the house would keep people from just going into the house. The National Park Service wouldn’t like you wandering around on your own inside. There would be questions.

Lincoln Home in Winter. I don’t know what that metal thing is on the sidewalk.

Lincoln Home  by, Liho

Heirloom Garden. Heirloom means that they use plants from the past.

Flowers  by, john Poplis. They are Zinnias.

House Wren  by, John Popolis. House Wrens are seen around the area.

Next are picture about Illinois.

Wood Violet, state flower

Big Bluestem Prairie Grass  by, Amodramus

The Monarch Butterfly is the Illinois State insect.

Monarch in May (female)   by, Kenneth Dwain Harelson,

Male Monarch Butterfly  by, Captian-tucker

The last picture is of the Illinois state tree, the White Oak.