George Washington was the first president of the United States.

Mount Vernon is where he lived when he wasn’t president. He had a deep interest in plants and crops. He experimented with plants to see if he could make them better.

I couldn’t find out exactly what crops were planted at Mount Vernon.  I did find that he planted over 60 types if crops. I found a general idea of the plants like corn and wheat, but not what kinds. He did have a vegetable garden and grew fruits. I don’t know what kinds of those he grew either. It is probably that  it is hard to know the types of plants that were there when he was alive.

Let’s start with a map of Virginia, so we know where we are.

Mount Vernon is on the Potomac River.  There was a dock to load boats and transport crops.

Here is a drawing that George Washing made of the land.

Next are pictures of the house and grounds.

Mount Vernon, Virginia  by, David Samuel

The back of the house that faces the river  by, Rebel At.

Mount Vernon as seen from the river  by, baldeaglebluff, from Bald Eagle Bluff, USA.

Another view of the Potomac River from Mount Vernon

Aerial View of Mount Vernon

The next two pictures are of the Virginia State Flower, which is the American Dogwood. It is also called Red Twig Dogwood.

In winter,  by USDA

In Flower  by, USDA

The last picture is of the state bird which is the Northern Cardinal. The picture is from Kickapoo Valley Reserve. It is a Cardinal Pair.