I saw some spring plants starting to grow and it is way early for them to come up out of the ground. It made me thing of Irises. They are spring flowers on long stems and start out as bulbs. I found some pictures that I think you will like.

Purple Iris  by, penubag

Yellow Iris  by, UpstateNYer

Iris ensata cv Kumoinogan  by KENPEI

Iris Japonica FLower  by, KENPEI

Iris Spring 2004  by, Mike James from Reston, VA, USA

Iris confusa  by Canley, seen in Western China

Iris aphylla  by, Jerzey Opiola

Huge Iris Flower  by, Neelix

Iris sanguinea  by, BS Thurmer Hoff

Iris Flowers  by, Peter Griffin

Opening Iris Flower  by, Peter Griffin

Yellow Bearded Iris  by, Andrew Schmidt