North Dakota is at the top of the United States right by Canada. Winters can be fierce. There is a lot to know about North Dakota and today I will give a bit of information. When I saw how much there is to learn about this state, I had to have a lie down. This is not by any means all there is to know about this area of North America.

Map of the United States showing the states from EPA.

The state tree is the American Elm. A huge number of elm trees got wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease. The picture I found was taken at Longwood Gardens, not in North Dakota. It is the only Elm there, now.

Ulmus Americana  by, en.Wikipedia user Henryhartley

The state fruit is the chokeberry. Here are pictures of three kinds of chokeberries.

Black Chokeberry Flowers, Arionia melanocarpa  by, Steve Porse

Black Chokeberry Berries  by, Jiri Hodan

Red Chokeberries, Aronia arbutifolia  by, Abrahami

Purple Chokeberries, Arionia prunifolia  by, Kurt Stuber

The next two pictures are of Western Wheatgrass.

Western Wheatgrass  by, I don’t know who.

Weatern Wheatgrass  by, nps

The next two pictures are of the Prairie Rose, formal name, Rosa arkansana

By, Steven J. Baskauf

By, Alexcovington

This last picture is of the North Dakota state bird, the Western Meadowlark.

By, Kevin Cole from Pacific West Coast, USA