South Dakota is a very interesting state. There is the Badlands National Park, which I’ll talk about tomorrow.  The most famous site is Mount Rushmore. Into the face of the mountain, they carved the faces of President Washington, President Jefferson, President Theodore Roosevelt and President Lincoln.

Like North Dakota, I only have a bit of information about South Dakota today.

Some of the pictures were taken by The National Park Service, I use nps because I am really lazy.

Here is an US map showing the states, from EPA.  South Dakota is right below North Dakota.

The next two pictures are of the Prairie Crocus.

By, Unomano

By, ?

The state tree is the Black Hills Spruce.

Couldn’t find out who took this.

The state bird is the Ring Necked Pheasant or Common Pheasant. When these guys cross a road, they take their sweet time, bobbing along as if they had all day to get anywhere.

Again, not sure who took this.

 Mount Rushmore pictures.

The mountain before they began to sculpt. By, nps

By, nps

By, nps

Mount Rushmore viewed through the tunnel on Iron Mountain Road  by, Ranger Ed Manard, nps

The reason the presidential faces were carved into the mountain, was to attract tourists. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

By, nps. Look at that, isn’t it something?