After looking at these pictures of Badlands rock formations, you’ll understand how this park got its name.I am calling the National Park System, nps.

Here is the Badlands Park map.

The next pictures are of rock formations.

Sharps Formation  by, nps

Brule Formation  by, nps

Badlands  by, Wereldberger

This next picture is a computer 3D image.

By, Martin D. Adamiker

The Prairie at Badlands.

By, Wing-Chi Poon

The Ponderosa Pine is found in South Dakota.

By, nps

Wildflowers grow in the prairie grasses as well as other places.

Yellow Prairie Coneflower  by, Frank Mayfield, nps

Wooly Verbena  by, nps

These last four wildflower pictures were taken by Jim Pisarowice, nps.

Marsh Skullcap

Low Larkspur

Mayflower Stickweed

Butter and Eggs