I had thought about a post about salad. Not today. It is a day for chocolate and milk.

Here are the pictures.

Hereford male calf,  by Richard Web

This is a baby “cow” but I wouldn’t try to get milk from him when he get’s old enough. I doubt he’d like you doing that and would object, probably with his back hoof.

Cow,  by USDA

She’s a milk cow.

The result of milking a cow.

Let’s switch to chocolate.

Cocoa Pods,  by, Medicaster

Drying cocoa beans in Chuao, Venezuela,  by, User, Wikipedia, Saldor

Dark Chocolate

This chocolate has sugar in it. Chocolate, when first processed, is very bitter. It is also called baking chocolate and you add sugar to it.

Semi sweet chocolate chips  by, Editor At Large

This chocolate has some more sugar in it than dark chocolate. It can be used in baking or eaten plain.

Milk Chocolate  by, Shzahoco

Milk chocolate is the sweetest and creamy chocolate.

If you mix chocolate and milk you get this.

Chocolate Milk

This last picture is of chocolate ice cream.