Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. It is huge. The Angara river begins at the lake.

The maps.


Physical map of Russia


Map of Lake Baikal  by, de Benotzer Sansculotte

Satellite View of Lake Baikal  by, NASA

Lake Baikal  by, NASA

Here are pictures of parts of the lake.

Angara River at Lake Baikal  by, Patrick

Olkhon Island, Sahman Rocks near Khuzar  by, Andzej Barabasz

Mountains at lake by, de Benotzer Sansculotte

In Winter  by, Suicup

At Listwjanka in April  by, Octagon

In Summer  by, Wikipedia user InvidaHOG

This last picture is by Octagon.