Michigan is a very interesting state. I am only giving a smattering of the beautiful aspects of it. If you like water,  then Michigan is for you. It has three Great Lakes around it.

Here are the maps.

US Map. Michigan is at the top, on the right,the green state with two parts sticking out into the lakes.

Michigan, satellite view. Michigan is outlined in yellow.

Three pictures of apple blossoms.

By, Josef Petrek

The state mammal is the White Tailed Deer. Here are two pictures. Ladies first.

By, Cookstock, Wikipedia

By, Scot Bauer, US Department of Agriculture

The state tree is the White Pine, Eastern type. I have two pictures.

White pine, cone,  by, US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service

White Pine Trees  by, US Fish and Wildlife Service. These trees can live over four hundred years.

The first lake pictures are of Lake Huron.

Aerial View, Lake Huron shoreline, Bruce Peninsula,  by, Brucegirl

Harrisville Beach near state park, Lake Huron  by, Chris Light

Lake Huron, Ipperwash Beach  by, Chris Light

Tawas Point, Tawas Michigan  by, Chris Light

The next lake pictures are of Lake Erie.

Lake Erie, looking southward  by, Wilipedia user Pollinator

Rose Harbor Marina

Bolles Harbor

The Detroit River, connects Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie  by, US Army Corps of Engineers

The next pictures are of Lake Superior. These pictures are taken by US Army corps of Engineers.

Big Harbor Bay, South Shore

Grand Traverse Bay Harbor, South Shore

Presque Isle at Marquette, Michigan, South Shore

The last two pictures are of the state wildflower, the Dwarf Lake Iris.

By, US Department og Agriculture, Forest Service

By, Joel Trick, US Fish and Wildlife Service