New Mexico has a lot of different types of terrain. The beauty of parts of the state is awe inspiring. It would be nigh on impossible to get bored there.

The Maps.

US Map of the states from EPA. New Mexico is at the bottom just to the left of Texas.

Map of New Mexico National Forests

The next two pictures are of the Yucca flower.

The state mineral is Turquoise.

Turquoise with quartz  by, Aram Dulyan

By, Reno Chris

The state grass is Blue Gramma.

The state bird in the Roadrunner.

There are two state plants, the Chili and the Frijoles. Here are two of Chili plants, green and red. If you bit into one, they are very hot. You can drink milk or eat yogurt to lessen the heat. There is one picture of the Frijoles plant.

By, Rasback, Wikipedia

The state butterfly is Sandia Hairstreak.

Next are pictures of the New Mexico landscape.

Shiprock  by, bowiesnodgrass, Wikipedia

White Sands Monument  by, Talshirarr

Lincoln National Forest

Aztec Monument  by, Staplegunther, Wikipedia

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge  by, David Schwen

Wheeler Peak  by, David Herrera

There are Hummingbirds in New Mexico. This last picture is of one taken by Borken Inaglory.