Montana is called big sky country. The sky seems to go to eternity. There are rural areas that are breath taking. The Glacier National Park is there.

Let’s start with the maps.

US map of the states from EPA. Montana is up top on the left of North Dakota.

Relief Map

The next two pictures are of the Bitteroot Flower.

By,  US National Park Service

By, Ron Halverson, US Forest Service

There are two state minerals, the agate and the sapphire.


Large Yellow Sapphire  by, C R Peters

Blue Sapphire  by, Montanabw

The state grass is Bluebunch Wheatgrass. Here are three pictures.

By, US Department of Agriculture

By, US Forest Service

By, US Department of Agriculture

The state bird is the Western Meadowlark.

By, Kevin Cole, Pacific Coast, USA

There are Mountain Goats in Montana and here is a picture of one.

By, Dave Grickson, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Here is another big white mound.

White Cliffs over Missouri River

One picture from Glacier National Park of a windswept tree.

By, supafly, Wikipedia

The state butterfly is the Mourning Cloak. This is the last picture.

By, Jason Sturner