Wyoming is a state with a lot of variety. I am covering just a part of it. There is the lovely and the not so lovely.

Let’s start with the maps.

US Map of the states from EPA. Wyoming is just below Montana.

Relief Map

 The state flower is the Indian Painted Brush  by, US National Park Service.

The state mineral is Jade.

In the past, there were real cowboys in Wyoming.

By, John C. H. Grabil, 1888, Library of Congress

Even further in the past, dinosaurs roamed around and called Wyoming their home.

The two most famous dinosaur skeletons were found in Niobrara County.

The next two pictures are of the Lance Formation where the bones of the Triceratops were found.

 This is a newer picture by, Anky-man, Wikipedia

The next picture shows the Triceratops skeleton In the Museum of Natural History in New York, USA.

The next picture of the Triceratops skeleton is from the Illustrated London News.

The next picture is of Como Bluff, where they found Brontosaurus bones.

Two pictures of the Brontosaurus skeleton. The first is at the American Museum USA and the second is at the Peabody Museum USA.

The last picture is of Grand Teton in winter. It is the middle mountain. By, US National Park Service