Minnesota borders Lake Superior in the north. You could spend weeks in the state, looking at all the natural beauty. I have only a bit of what’s on offer.

Starting with the maps.

US Map of the states From EPA.  Minnesota is up top, left of North Dakota.

Relief Map

Upper Mississippi River Map

The state flower is the Lady’s slipper.

By, Ragesoss, Wikipedia Commons

The state mineral is the Lake Superior Agate.

By, Astynak

The state tree is the Norway Pine.

The state bird is the Common Loon   by, US National Park Service.

This next one is of the Iron Range, Taconitit Train.

Next is the Mississippi River Railroad Bridge.

I’ll stay with river pictures for a bit.

St. Louis River  by, Ravedave, Wikipedia Commons

Aerial Life Bridge, twin port, Duluth and Superior Wisconsin  by, Nick Zlonis

The state apple is Honeycrisp.

This last picture is of Palisade Shovel Point on Lake Superior, by, Kablammo, Wikipedia Commons.