Around the US we have had an unusual winter. It has been warmer and now it feels like spring.  I saw the first wildflower blooming at the beginning of February.

Here are pictures of this time of year.  It is hard to tell in some ways that the season has changed. It’s a fine line between the very end of winter and the very beginning of spring. Mainly you know the difference by the sun is higher in the sky and it is a bit warmer.

I will start with late winter and go to very early spring.

I plead laziness in that for pictures from Wikipedia , I will merely write W and for Wikipedia Commons, WC.

By, Meneerka bloem

Kasugai Gardens in late winter, Kelowna, BC, Canada  by, Accuruss, WC

Anthony22, W

Late Winter Vineyard

The rest of the pictures are of very early spring.

Sedum in a rock gardenRabylille, Denmark  by, Ipigott, W

By, David Paloch, WC

Eramosis River in Guelph, Ontario, Canada  by, Vanwaffle, WC

Botanical Gardens, Northern Ireland  by, Peter Clarke, WC

This last picture is a sure sign of spring. These are Egrets.