I was walking and saw more wildflowers blooming.  A lot of birds are singing in the morning and the evening. There’s one bird that does a couple of trills and then a sound like a tiny car horn, deet, deet.

Here are the pictures.

Triodanis Peroliata

Wild Blue Phlox

Early Blue Violet  by, Rosendahl

Birds Foot Violet

I have been looking at these wildflowers for the past several days, trying to figure out what they were. I didn’t have my glasses with me and so I would squat down and get a closer look. This was near streets and sidewalks. People must have thought I was stark raving mad.

One more Wildflower.

Lyreleaf Sage

This is a Forcythia  tree. Around here, they are about to bloom, either today or tomorrow.

By, David Monnioux, Wikipedia

The next picture is of a group of white crocus. These really stand out against the grown earth and the starting to get green grass.

The last two pictures are of Catbirds. They do sound somewhat like a cat, but far more like a baby crying. You have to get used to them.  The first picture is Mother and Child, by Audrey. The last picture is  a youngster by D. Gordon. E. Robertson.