It is another warm day, but not as warm as yesterday.

I went looking for a diagram of the Vernal Equinox that made sense and found none. I drew a little picture to show it.

The earth’s axis is straight up and down and half of the earth is covered in sunlight. That’s about all I can explain.

Today, when walking, I saw Tulip leaves coming up.

By Drewboy64, Wikipedia

This is a picture of trees in early spring.

By, Glyn Swain, Wikipedia Commons

There have been a lot of Daffodils blooming ahead of time. The first picture is of Mini Daffs. I have seen a lot of these. It looked like people had bought them in pots last year and when they were finished blooming, they put them in the ground. They were in groups, the plants close together. THe second picture is of regular size Daffs.

By, Vera Kratochvil

By, Angie Perkins

I saw a Magnolia tree in bloom and stood there looking at it as it is early for it. I would have gone onto the yard of the house to get a closer look, but figured someone just might call the police. I stood pat.

By, Yannick Trottier,

Also early on the scene were Johnny Jump Ups.

By, Sharon Apted

There are quite a few Forsythia bushes that bloomed yesterday afternoon.

By, Dan Smith, Wikipedia Commons

The final two pictures are of Baltimore Orioles.

By, David Brezinski, FSW, forgot what that stands for, I know it’s one of the Forest Services.

BY, Loewen