I found a new wildflower as I was walking around this morning. It is a gray day, cool and a bit of drizzle falling.

I found pictures of fields and they are lovely.

Here they are, starting with the wildflower.

Venus’ Looking Glass

An aerial view of a prairie pothole with a road going through the center.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Tundra

A field in Canada

Central Serbia Mountain Field  by, Dimitrije Lazic

Togiak Green Flats

The tulips are just beginning to bloom. I saw a red one just bloomed. This picture looks like it.

By, Rosendahl

This led to finding pictures of fields of flowers.

Flower fields on Los Osos Valley Road, California USA,  by, Drvra, Wikipedia Commons

South Korea, Andong, Okdong,  by, Robert at Picassa

Dutch Tulip Fields

White Hyacinths  by, Vera Kratochvil

Netherlands Hyacinth Fields  by, Vera Kratochvil

Netherlands Tulip Field  by, Vera Kratochvil

Tulips and Hyacinths  by, Petr Kratochvil, I think in the Netherlands, I forgot to write it down.

The final picture.

Grape Hyacinth Bed  by, Petr Kratochvil