Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US and I’m sure they are tired of hearing that. It is  full of wondrous places. It is on the Atlantic Ocean.

I left out Newport with the famous mansions as the information about them is extensive and I didn’t want to give them short shrift. I will do the mansions another day.

US Map of the states  by, EPA. Rhode Island is on the far right, a bit north and you have to look for it.

A Rhode Island Red is a chicken. The first picture is of the rooster and then the hen.

By, Dictoury, Wikipedia

By, Erica Zahn, Wikipedia

The state tree is the Red Maple.

By, Tony, Wikipedia

The state fruit is the Rhode Island Greening Apple.

Next are pictures of farms in Rhode Island.

A farm in Joam,  by, Muller504, Wikipedia Commons.

The next three farm pictures were taken by Swampyyank, Wikipedia Commons.

Prescott Farm in Middleton

Watson Farm in Jamestown

Casey Farm

Here is a picture of the Providence River at Providence.

By, boliyou, Wikipedia Commons

Another picture of Providence.

This next picture is of the Pawtucket River.

Next is the Newport Harbor.

The state ship is the Tall Ship.

New Providence Sloop  by, US Navy

This is a picture of yachts at the Newport Bridge.

Along the coast is the Atlantic Ocean. These last two pictures are taken at Newport. The mansions sit on the ocean, up above, on a cliff.