Florida has a rich history from pirates to a vacation spot to a place to retire.It has a complex natural system.  It has the Atlantic Ocean on its right side and the Gulf of Mexico on its left.

The maps.

US Map of the states  by EPA. Florida is on the right side, down at the bottom.

Florida Keys Map

The state shell is the  Horse Conch Shell.

The state flower and fruit is the Orange Blossom and Orange.

By, Ellen Levy Finch, Wikipedia Commons

The state horse is the Florida Cracker Horse.

The state gem is the Moonstone.

By arpingstone, Wikipedia Commons

The state animal is the Florida Panther.

Everglades National Park,  by, Rodney Cammauf, National Park Service

Here are pictures of the Everglades.

The state tree is the Sabal Palmetta Palm Tree.

The state bird is the Mockingbird.

By, Fish and Wildlife Service


Lake Eola  by, David Akers

Key West.

Miami Beach.

North Miami Beach

The last picture is of the state mammal, the Dolphin. Mother and child.