Now is a good time to plant a flower seed inside. I have chosen a Marigold seed to plant.

The first thing you want to do is get a package of flower seeds.

Look around and find a sunny window. This is where you want to put the pot with the seed in it.

You can use a small pot or even a yogurt cup to plant the seed. If you use the yogurt cup or something like it, have someone poke a couple of holes in the bottom of the cup. This lets the water out of the bottom. Plants don’t like their roots sitting water.

If you have potting soil, you can use that. If not, you can use dirt and sand. You can mix one part sand to two parts dirt. The amounts don’t have to be exact.

Things you need to plant the seed.

You mix the dirt and sand in the bowl. Add some water until the sand dirt mix is moist. You can use the spoon so you don’t put too much water in the bowl at once. You don’t want the sand dirt mix soaking wet. Put the water in a bit at a time and mix it up. You can test how moist the sand dirt mix is by picking up a small amount of it  and squeeze it. It should hold together a little bit. It will fall apart when you let it drop into the bowl.

Next, use the spoon to put the sand dirt mix into the pot or cup. Fill the cup or pot. leaving some room at the top. Don’t fill it all the way up. Put the seed on top of the sand dirt. Put a small amount of sand dirt on top of the seed. Take your spoon and put a little bit of water around the seed. If the sand dirt comes off the seed, cover it again.

Now you wait for the seed to grow. Water it a bit so that the sand dirt doesn’t dry out.  It won’t be a long time before you see that the seed is sprouting a green shoot.

Keep up the watering and keep waiting. One day, you will see the flower bud.

And after a time, the flower will bloom.

Marigold come in different colors. Here are three pictures.

By, Petr Kratochvil

BY, Peter Griffin