Columbine plants bloom in early spring and if the dead flowers are removed, give blooms until mid July. After that, it gets too hot for them.

You can buy Columbine seeds or plants in containers.  If you get the plants in pots, you can dig a hole and plant them in the ground in early spring. If you have a warm climate, put them near some shade. In cooler places, you can plant them in the sun.

Let’s start with planting seeds. First thing you do is go get the seeds.

Take the seeds home and find a place to plant them. If the seeds don’t do well, you can get more seeds and plant them somewhere else. No harm done. Just make sure that their roots aren’t sitting in water because the soil doesn’t drain well. They hate that and will not grow for you.

Dig a small hole. Dig it as deep as your pointer finger. Pop the seed in there and cover it. Plant Columbines a foot or so apart from each other. They like to have room to grow.  They are perennials and will come back int he spring for four or five years. After that, plant new ones.

Remember to water the seeds right after you plant them. Water them every few days for a couple of weeks.

If you got a plant in a container, find the place you want to plant it. Dig a hole a bit bigger than the container. That gives room to put dirt around the roots.

Turn the container on its side. Roll it side to side and gently squeeze it to get the plant out of the pot.  Place the plant into the hole. Pack the dirt around the roots and don’t put dirt any higher than it was in the pot. There a dirt line and that’s as high as you put the dirt. Again, water the plants for a couple of weeks.

Now for the pictures of Columbines. I found a lot and had to bring them here to show you.

The first picture is by, Al Schnieder, Forest Service

BY, Reed Crook, Forest Service

By, WillowW Wikipedia Commons

By, Harald Supfle, Wikipedia Commons

The next picture is by, SB_Johnny, Wikipedia

By, Zenhouse Wikipedia Commons

By, per Wikipedia Commons

By, Alvesgasper, Wikipedia Commons

By Hedwig in Washington, Wikipedia Commons

By, Dcrjsr, Wikipedia Commons

By, H. Zell, Wikipedia

By, Juan Jose Sanchez from Spain, Wikipedia Commons

The last picture is of a yellow Columbine.