I saw a lot of new blooms as I walked this morning. Blooms of last week were pretty much gone.

Here are some pictures.

Vinca Major  by, Meneerke bloem

Vinca Major with variegated leaves.

Vinca Major is also called Periwinkle. I is an invasive plant which means it will grow and take over large parts of ground.

This next picture is of Maple tree blossoms.

The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry trees that were blooming last week now have mainly leaves.

I’ve seen some yellow wildflowers for the first time. Here is a picture by Kim Newberg.

The Flowering Almond trees are now in bloom.

By, Daniel Sancho

The Redbud trees also have flowers.

Tulips are in bloom. There used to be mainly red, yellow and white Tulips. Now there are more colors.

By, Vera Kratochvil

By, Petr Kratochvil

The last two picture are of purple Tulips.