Creeping Phlox is also called Mountain Pinks. It is a perennial and spreads out a bit in it’s first couple of years. It is good for putting on small slopes to keep the soil from washing away.

Impatiens are plants with lovely flowers that bubble up as they grow. They are annuals, which means they won’t make it through cold weather. There are three kinds of Impatiens. There is the regular Impatiens, double Impatiens and New Guinea Impatiens. The New Guinea Impatiens can take more sun that the other Impatiens.

Rock gardens can be very simple affairs. Some are on slopes with plants put between the rocks. Some are on flat ground. The pictures I found were of elaborate rock gardens.

The next three pictures are of rock gardens in the same place. The pictures were taken by Nh14hamilton, Wikipedia.

The next three pictures are of Creeping Phlox

By, Raul654, Wikipedia

The next picture is of a rock garden with Impatiens, found at hometrendy.

The next picture is of regular Impatiens, by, Mangus Manske, Wikipedia Commons.

The last two picture are of Double Impatiens. The first picture is by Stacy and the second picture is by, Forest and Kim Star.