It was quite warm in the month of March. The grape vines  started to produce buds. In April, there were some cold nights and the grape buds were not at all happy with this.  A lot of vines won’t make grapes because of these cold nights.

The area I am looking at is the Finger Lakes region of New York State. There was also the same thing going on in Michigan.  

Let’s start with the maps.

This is a NASA photo of the Finger Lakes with a bit of snow.

By, Michael J, Wikipedia

This is Keruka Lake, one of the Finger Lakes.

THese are grapevines at Seneca Lake.

These are grape vines with their leaves.

This is a dead bud that didn’t make it through the cold nights.

I found this photo at I had trouble find a picture of a dead bud.

This is how a live bud is supposed to look.

By, Mark Shirley, Wikipedia

These little green pods are called inflorescence. From what I understand, they hold a ton of little flowers inside of each pod.

By, Vassil, Wikipedia

These are grape flowers.

By, Andy Melton, Wikipedia

These are the fluffy flowers that have something to do with pollination. It was a complicated explanation and not only did I not understand half of the words, I was so confused by the end of it that I had to lie down.

By, Veronique PAGNIER

These are baby grapes.

By, fir0002, Wikipedia

This picture is of a grape cluster and not all the grapes are ripe. You want to wait until all of them are ripe. The green ones would be a nasty experience if you bite into one.

By, Veronique PAGNIER

This last picture is of grapes that are all ripe.