I’ve shown a lot of pictures of lakes in the past. Ponds are small bodies of water and different from lakes. Ponds fill up with junk a lot faster. They can become stagnant have ick on the surface.  They can get a serious case of algae build up if they are in sunlight.
That said, ponds are things of beauty. You can sit near a pond and just feel the peacefulness steal over you. Little water sounds make you drowsy and you might have a small nap.
I am going to start with showing a few ponds that are found in nature. The term natural pond can also mean an artificial pond that’s made to look natural.  Then we will get into how ponds are put together and maintained for a garden or other places. These are artificial small ponds. Sometimes these ponds are called Koi Ponds if they have Koi fish.
One last thing, there are man-made lakes and ponds that are too large for the backyard. They are not what I am going to show you today.

The nature ponds.

These first two pictures are by fcps.edu. 

This is a picture of a pond in nature with fish in it.

By, David Wagner

When you go to build a garden pond, be ready for a bit of under the breath language from the person building this. You can watch someone who knows how to do this and perhaps help. Making a pond is a process and takes some time. I’d suggest that you get yourself comfortable and watch. If you’re up to it, you may want to make comments as the work progresses.

This is a basic pump. You put tubing on that nozzle and it pumps the water to the filter. There are more complicated types of pumps. If you want a fountain, you can use a pump for that.  Pumps come in different level of pumping power. You need the right pump for your pond.

By, pondsupplies.com

This is one kind of pond filter. You have to have one to keep the pond clean.

By, southcoast koi

This is the kind of tubing you need to connect the pump and the filter.

By, practical water gardens


If you want a pond in the ground, you have to first dig a hole.

Pond liner laid down in the hole  by, AFiebig, Wikipedia Commons.

This picture shows how a pump is put into a pond and you get a fountain.

BY, jerseyponds

This is a detailed diagram of what goes into a pond.

By azponds.com


 You may want Tadpoles in your pond. This is a chart of how a tadpole transforms into a frog. The picture after that is of Tadpoles.

By, Clauter, Wikipedia

Tadpoles  by, bohringer frederich

Here is a picture of a goldfish. You may want one for your pond. The fish with its back end facing the camera is also a Goldfish.

By, Heptagon, WIkipedia Commons

Koi are a fancy type of Carp. Here are three pictures of Carp.

By, mnr.gov.on.ca

Carp  by, fcps.edu

Common Carp  by, gfp.sd.gov

Six Koi  by, Stan Shebs, Wikipedia Commons

Big Koi Pond  by, pond-design-ideas

Backyard Koi Pond  by, hometrendy

Koi Pond  by, caroline steinhaur

Koi Pond  by Effy Huang

The next picture is of a garden pond.


Garden Pond at Los Angeles, California Arboretum  by, Gaohoyt from en.wikipedia

This last picture is of a pond in Canberra, Australia,  by anpsa.org.