Death Valley got its name during the California Gold Rush of the mid 1800s. It was so hot that people were sure they would die there. Only one person did, but the name stuck.  The highest temperature recorded there was 134 degrees F.

The national park includes some more area than Death Valley. It is located in California along the Nevada border in the county of Inyo.

Roadrunner at Death Valley  by, Wilson44691, Wikipedia Commons

The map.

Map of the United States  by, EPA. NV is Nevada and it is over on the left and it is yellow.

From space  by, NASA

By, nps

Picture of sign by, NOAA

Flash Flood warning sign  by, en.User:Draxfelton, Wikipedia Commons

Borax was mined at Death Valley. They would haul it with mules.

Twenty Mule Team  by, nps

Telescope and Wildrose Peaks  by, Tomdonohue1, Wikipedia

Death Valley Sky  by, Dan Durisko, nps

This is called Racetrack because the wind moves the rocks.

By, Lgcharlot, Wikipedia Commons

Radiator water tank,  by, Roger469, Wikipedia Commons

Zabrinski Point at sunrise  by, Daniel Mayer, Wikipedia

Precambrian Noonday Formation   by, USGS

By, Jon Sullivan

After it rains  by, MojavaNC, Wikipedia

After it rains  by, Chuck Abbe, Wikipedia Commons

Badwater in 2005  by, NASA

Badwater in 2007 by, NASA

Badwater Salt Desert

Devil’s Golf Course  by, Broken Inaglory, Wikipedia Commons

By, Urban, Wikipedia