One summer I bought a Fuchsia hanging basket. It died within a month. I don’t know why. It was a tropical Fuchsia which means it didn’t like the cold.
There are hardy Fuchsias that will make it through the winter in places where there isn’t frost.

Some of the pictures I know that they are hardy, some I’m not sure. The first pictures are of tropical Fuchsias, as far as I could find out.

By, Forrest & Kim Starr, Wikipedia Commons

By, kpjas, Wikipedia Commons

By, Pigsonthewing, Wikipedia Commons

Wikipedia Commons, the name of the photographer is in Japanese and the flower was in Japan.

From, Parks Wholesale Plants

The next three pictures are of hardy Fuchsia.

By, Christine Matthews, Wikipedia Commons

By, Christine Matthews, Wikipedia Commons

This last picture is of Delta Sarah  from, Thomson-Morgan