I hesitated to do this post because I am ignorant about World War One. I have read a lot and thought about it, but that means nothing when I think of those who were in the battles.
One thing I have taken not of is how nature covers up what people have done. If you didn’t know that there had been fierce battles on large areas of ground, you would see that ground today as normal.
I found four pictures of places in France where World War One will not be forgotten. This is only a small example. These pictures were taken in the recent past.

The first picture is of the bell tower at Arras  by, troye owens, Wikipedia Commons.
I have included this picture because of what Antoine De Saint Exupery wrote about Arras in his book Flight From Arras.

Verdun, a small patch of battlefield ground, Wikipedia

This is a picture of The Somme  by, en. User:Donarreiskoffer, Wikipedia

This last picture is of The Marne and it is from Wikipedia.