In this area, nights of frost are done. At least that’s the norm.
There are a lot of types of tomatoes. You can try some one year and others the following year. If you get a ton of tomatoes and can’t eat them all or give them away, you can freeze them and use them for cooking.
Tomato plants like hot and sunny weather. They need to be watered a lot. If you let the soil dry out, the tomato will have a crack in the skin.
Tomatoes also need to be fed and someone who knows can show you what is needed. Always be very careful with any chemical. When working with plants, chemicals or no chemicals, wash your hands after you are done. Also, it’s a good idea to wash your hands before you touch the plants.
Watching tomatoes grow is fun because they grow quickly.
If a plant doesn’t make it, it’s okay. If all the plants fail, try again the next year. Or, if your garden center has medium to large-sized plants for sale, plant them and see how it goes.

The pictures.

These are grown from seeds. At garden centers, you can find market packs with four to six small plants. You also can buy plants in larger sizes.

Tomato seedlings  by, Golden Hound, Wikipedia Commons

Dig holes and put the plant roots into them. Cover the roots and pat down the soil. Don’t build up soil up above the dirt line. Water the plants, down by the ground, not the leaves.

It won’t be long before you start to see the green leaves growing.  By, Noak Westerberg, Wikipedia Commons

Tomato flowers grow and the become little green tomatoes.  By,  Sanjay Archarya, Wikipedia Commons

Tomato plants in tomato cages. The cages keep the tall plants from falling down.  By, Gruepig, Wikipedia

A green tomato growing larger.  BY, Fyrra, Wikipedia Commons

The tomatoes start to ripen.  By, Jithindop, Wikipedia Commons