Petunias are one of my favorite flowers. They are colorful and in a breeze, the fragrance is sweet spicy.
One drawback is that when the flower dies, you need to cut it off with a scissors.  You can ask someone who knows how to do this. This helps the plant put all its energy into growing new flowers. It also looks nicer.
Petunias need water and food on a regular basis. Especially if it is hot and dry.

Get someone who knows to show you how to feed them and be very careful with any chemicals. Again, I have to say, wash your hands before and after touching plants.
You can plant Petunias into the ground and they are hardy. They like sun.
If it gets very, very hot, they may not do well. If you live in a hot place, try to get the Petunias planted in a part shade area. It would be good to have the shade come over the plants at about noon and into the late afternoon. This is called morning sun.

Today, I am showing how to plant Petunias in a pot or a hanging basket.

I would suggest that when you plant Petunias  in a pot, don’t plant other plants with them. They get taller and the leaves get bigger. They need a bit of air going between the plants to keep them happy.

If the Petunias get leggy during the summer and start falling down, you can try cutting them down by half. If this doesn’t work and you will know after a week, toss them out and get new Petunias.
If the Petunias  get leggy and you don’t cut them, you will have to prop them up by tying them to sticks. Even if you do this, they will look drunk.

This is a hanging basket that you can buy where they sell them. They usually come with a saucer that catches some of the water when you water the flowers inside of the pot. On hot days, the saucer helps keep a bit of water at the bottom of the pot. It will dry out, but  not as quickly as if there was no saucer.
If the hanger is not attached to the pot, leave it off until you have finished planting the Petunias. You will see slots on the top rim of the pot and you attach the hanger thingys to those. Or, get someone who knows to do it.
Always check to make sure that there are holes in the bottom of the pot before you buy it. The saucer snaps off and on to the pot bottom.  I have had trouble with some hanging baskets with saucers because the saucer wouldn’t snap on, or off. Once I got the saucer off, I didn’t put it back on.
If the saucer gives you trouble, have someone who knows try to get it on or off. You can watch. I would not make comments if the saucer is not able to come on or off the pot.

If you don’t want to buy potting soil, you can mix dirt and sand together. This mixture will let the water drain out. If you use plain old dirt, when you water, it will be like glue and the water will sit in the pot. Any plant that has its roots sitting in water will die. Except for pond plants.


Make sure the pot is clean. In the bottom of the pot, you can put in some mulch or gravel. This takes up space at the bottom of the pot and you won’t need that much potting soil or dirt sand mixture. It saves money. The roots of annual flowers are short and don’t need a lot of soil to grow.  Annuals don’t make it through cold weather.

Dig shallow holes. Put the roots of the Petunias into the holes. Cover them up to the dirt line on the stems of the Petunias. Pat down the dirt. Water them until the water pours out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. I would feed them the following day. 

Before you feed plants, water them with plain water first. Water them by the roots, not over their little blossoms. They hate it when you wet their flowers with the hose or sprinkling can. After you water them, then you can feed them. If you don’t water them first, the food can burn their roots.  They won’t like you for that. If you do burn the roots, and I have done that, toss them out and get new flowers. It’s not the end of the world.

Happy little Petunias in their pot.

The next two pictures are from Wikipedia Commons and I couldn’t find the names of the photographers.

By, Jay Dugger, Wikipedia Commons

This last picture is of Petunia the cat, born on March 7, 2004 in Orvieto, Italy. The picture was taken by, Adrianon, Wikipedia Commons.