Concord grapes have a lot of flavor and are sweet.  They can be grown in a small amount of space and do well.  A trellis or arbor will keep the vines from flopping on the ground.
If you live in a place with very hot summers, part shade would do well. If not, then full sun is good.
Grapes don’t like their roots sitting in water. Remember to wash your hands before and after touching plants.

Dig a small hole next to the arbor. Put the roots of the grape vine into the hole. Put the dirt to the same level on the vine trunk and no higher. Pat down the dirt. Water the roots.  Watch it grow.

Grape flowers  by, BrownyCat, Wikipedia Commons

Concord grapes on the vine

The last picture is of ripe Concord grapes  by, Howcheng, Wikipedia Commons.