I stopped by a small store this morning and they had watermelon for sale. I bought a section instead of a whole melon and tried it as soon as I got home.
It was as sweet and full of flavor as it could be. It was seedless.
It used to be that watermelon had seeds which you could spit at your friends and family.

People started wanted no seeds in their watermelon and so that’s how they are found now. The first seedless watermelons didn’t taste good. Now, they’ve got it right.

Here are some pictures of watermelon.
Update: The last picture didn’t show up in the first publish. I am trying it again.

This is a watermelon flower on the vine. By, Shu Suehiro, Wikipedia Commons

A full grown melon, waiting to be picked. By, Kumon, Wikipeda Commons

This picture was taken in Dubai  by, Vicharam, Wikipedia Commons.

By, Beyond Silence, Wikipedia Commons

This picture was taken in Rotterdam, The Netherlands  by, Hans B. Wikipedia Commons.

This last picture is taken by Flickr user laughlin from Tokyo, Japan, Wikipedia Commons.