At this time of year, in this area of the north-east US,  blueberries ripen and are sold.
There are different kinds of blueberries. The growers grow those that the public will buy. Some wild blueberry bushes have small berries The cultivated, someone had to do something to make the bushes, the berries are a nice size.
Blueberries can be frozen and used in the cold months. They can be used to make pies and jams. Blueberry muffins and pancakes start off a morning just right.

This is how blueberries are boxed for sale in the stores.

By, Evens-Amos, Wikipedia Commons

A wild blueberry bush with Autumn foliage.

By, Berean Hunter, Wikipedia Commons

By, Littleisland, Littleisland Lighthouse, Wikipedia Commons

By, Diadek, Wikipedia Commons

This last picture  is usually how you see blueberries on a bush. They don’t all ripen at once.

By, PhreddeiH3, Wikipedia