I was walking around the is morning and I have to tell you that around here, people really take care of their lawns and gardens.
One color rose bush I rarely see is purple-ish. There are some and they stand out. It is worth thinking about getting one or more when planning for roses.
The four roses I am showing are hybrid tea roses. They are tea roses that people has messed around with to get different kinds of roses.

The first picture is of Moon Shadow,  by, Drew Avery, Wikipedia Commons.  I was standing next to one, with my back to it and smelled this wonderful fragrance. It was fairly strong, but not sickly sweet. I turned around and this is the kind of rose I saw.

The next three pictures were taken at Bush Pasture Park in Salem Oregon, by, HomeinSalem, Wikipedia Commons.

Here is a picture of Big Purple.

The next rose has more dark pink in it and is called Symphonie.

The last picture is Blue Girl.