Today is going to be a very hot and humid day for a lot of the US. We who are unhappy with the heat are not on speaking terms with those who brag that they aren’t steeped in the heat.
On the top of a mountain, the second highest in the world, it isn’t hot. This mountain is probably best known as K2. There are other names as well.
The highest mountain peak is Everest.
The problem you would have at the height is breathing. You need oxygen.

I found all of the photos in Wikipedia Commons.

I found two picture of mountaineers of scaled this mountain and then took pictures of each other.  They were part of an Italian expedition. This was in 1909.

This is Achille Campagnoni. See that? He’s wearing an oxygen mask. The picture was taken by Lino Lacedell.

This is Lino Lacedell. The description said that you can see from the ice on his beard that he was wearing an oxygen mask and took it off. The picture was taken by Achille Campagnoni.

I had a very hard time finding a map to show where Mountaineer’s Mountain is located.
It is a long chain of high peaks that includes Everest. K2 is in the Karakoram chain. There is also the Hindu Kush portion and the Himalayas.
These are the three basic names of this stretch of mountains. It does break down into more names, but I got so confused I had to have a lie down.

This map is a simple one. he caption said The New York Times. I saw this same map used on other websites and so I figured it would be okay to use it here.

This drawing of lines on the photo of the south face of K2 shows the climbing routes used. It was done by User:Kogo.

The next picture is of the west face of K2. It was taken in 1909 by Vittorio Sella.

Next is a picture of the east face, taken in 1909 by, Luigi Amedio, Duke of
the Abruzzi.

This last picture is of the north face, taken by, Jan Reurink from Netherlands.