I was walking along yesterday morning and heard a juvenile Catbird call for food. H was sitting on a power line that went across the street. He saw me and Stared calling even louder. He started shaking all over and his wings started fluttering. A second later, Two more juvenile Catbirds landed on the wire facing away from me.
I am sure that the parents were close by.

On my way back, I took notice of a few young Crepe Myrtles trees. They were light pink and the flowers were gorgeous. They are called Biloxi.

I’ll start with pictures of  Crepe Myrtles.

The birds. You can’t tell the difference from the girls and the boys. They look the same.

The four Catbird pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

Benny Mazur from Toledo, OH, USA

By, D. Gordon E. Robertson

By, Dori

By, Mwanner